OR and SPD Resources That Improve Outcomes

Moab Healthcare efficiently delivers licensed, certified, and vetted OR and SPD resources with a focus on patient safety.

Owned and operated by perioperative professionals who understand what it takes to succeed “behind the red line.” Moab professional resources can help your OR and SPD run more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Why Choose Moab?

Moab is all about delivering peace of mind and putting patient safety first – which is why our sole focus is on the OR and SPD.

With over 50 years of combined OR and SPD experience, we know the challenges you face and the team you need to succeed. We thoroughly vet every candidate, including interviews lead by a former OR Director, a robust skills assessment, professional references survey, and compliance verification before accepting talent into our network.

Every resource we deploy is ready to hit the ground running. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Increase throughput
  • Improve OR and SPD quality
  • Reduce backlog
  • Control turnover
  • Decrease overtime
  • Improve patient safety

Our Commitment to Clients

Moab sets the standard for excellence in filling OR and SPD talent gaps nationwide. We are committed to quickly finding the right match for every open role. Our unique recruitment and rapid deployment process has proven to reduce the time to place “boots on the ground” compared to national averages and trends.

We deliver:

We only recommend OR and SPD professionals that are a match for you, your team, and culture.

We have over 50 years of combined perioperative experience. We know the challenges facing your departments today, and we help our clients overcome those challenges quickly.

Our process leverages a sophisticated mix of technology and personal relationships to ensure rapid access to A-level talent.

We have a vast database of OR and SPD  professional travelers who are ready to tackle new challenges and hit the ground running.

Clear communication is the cornerstone of every client relationship.

We deliver aligned talent quickly, with a commitment to patient safety first.

Ready to Improve OR and SPD Quality?

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